Commercial Stucco
Is your company planning to build a new franchise location that requires a stucco finish? Do you own a retail or office building that could use an update to its exterior? NOLA Stucco offers a full line of commercial stucco services.  Click here for more details...




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Residential Stucco

Are you remodeling the interior of your home and want to give the exterior a fresh look?  Tired of that old brick veneer? Building your dream home?  Let NOLA Stucco give you some classy ideas that will really make your house stand out. The consultation is free. Click here to learn more... 

Residential Stucco

Restoration & Movie Industry Services

  Movie Industry

Considering all of the old buildings located in the French Quarter, historical restoration has long been sought after on projects in New Orleans. NOLA Stucco prides itself on precision and having a keen eye for every minute detail, giving us the edge in this niche field.  Also, due to the recent influx of professional filming in the area, NOLA Stucco now offers movie set construction services. Relying on our vast experience, we are able to quickly replicate just about any structure or finish.  Read on... 

Architectural Details

Don't want to remodel your entire home but want to add some details to liven it up or add some curb appeal without breaking the bank?   NOLA Stucco specializes in designing and creating just about anything in stucco you can imagine, such as window and doorway dressings, fireplaces, stairwells, chimneys, and much, much more.  Please click here to get ideas from previous jobs...

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Doorway and Windows


Dormer Window and Chimney


NOLA Stucco can also handle most of your masonry installations and repairs including brick, CMU, stone, etc.  This way you only have to deal with one contractor.  Click here for more information...